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Google’s algorithm is forever changing! In 2016, Penguin 4.0 got introduced in addition to other mobile-friendly changes. However, not much difference or updates surfaced in 2017. Concerning Google algorithm updates, it has been relatively calm. But there were a couple of updates which were said to have a significant impact on the SERP’s.

In recent times, both successful and other brands are focusing on generating a positive user experience.  In 2018, until now, the brands and companies are keen to follow White Hat SEO tactics. Simply put, this set of SEO tactics comprise of the legitimate SEO practices that don’t focus on any questionable, quick-fix SEO strategies that might result in Google penalties.

Are you a start-up owner? Do you have an online business website? Or is your business expanding at a faster pace? Regardless of your present business state, you need to have your White Hat SEO strategy for 2018 fixed to garner increased traffic, experience a favorable ROI and also make more profits. For this, you need to concentrate on selected White Hat SEO tactics. Listed below are five significant trends that you can emphasize this year.

Say Yes to a Mobile-First Website

Today, everyone uses a Smartphone to browse the internet, email, and social media networks. Hence, it shouldn’t be rocket science for you to imagine that a mobile-friendly website is a must. Research and statistics highlight that more than 55% of the organic website traffic gets generated from the mobile-friendly sites, and in 2018, this percentage is supposed to be even higher. It is critical to keep in mind the “mobile first” criteria when designing websites.

In 2018, SEO professionals will witness 2018 mobile first indexing. Also, the rank signals will generate from a website’s mobile version. The desktop version will take a backseat. Therefore, you better manage your SEO by considering the following factors:

  • Become mobile friendly at the earliest
  • Fix all the wrong redirects and broken links
  • Compress all the uncompressed images
  • Eliminate the blocked resources as well as content you can’t play
  • Say no to the intrusive and pointless pop-ups
  • Leverage mobile usability concerning configuration, text size and many more

Enhance Search Precision by Determining Search Intent

Today, the IoT (Internet of Things) has modified the way in which people search data. The semantic search has also matured. Also, search engines have become much better in determining the user query and even the context of the questions. Semantic search encourages search engines to decode natural language better than before.

Create content that embraces the semantic SEO. Simply put, semantic SEO emphasizes that there’s ample scope for the marketers to touch base with users of similar thought. It’s done by determining the connection between the intent, keywords, micro-moments and responding accordingly after that.

Hence, minor alterations to the phrases and keywords will impact the way Google checks your web content now so when you try to determine the searcher intent, you can be successful in generating informative and rich content. You can curate the “complete guides” and add significant long and short-tail keywords as it would add value to your content. Make sure that your online content is rich, comprehensible, plagiarism free, authentic and factual, and keep feeding Google with such high-quality content.

Opt for a Responsive Website Design

It is important to configure the 301 redirects on your old mobile URL to shift to a responsive version, and you should do it by taking each URL individually. Eliminate all mobile URL related configuration that might be present on your website. Also, as one of the recommended White Hat SEO practice, create a “rel=canonical” on all responsive URL’s that point to them.

The Importance of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a process through which search engines make conclusions about the queries of the users. By doing this search engines deliver quick results. Machine learning evolves the process of an online search to a different stage of understanding. Sometimes, machine learning has also been the reason why certain websites witness a decline in both ranking and traffic. It is often the outcome of an algorithm update. When your content doesn’t give users a pleasant experience, you will have a tough time in attempting to rank in the high positions of SERP’s. It will happen as machine learning keeps evolving. Go ahead and develop a competent resource that is perfect for semantic search and compelling experience.

Today, machine learning has a huge role to play in the 21st-century industry, and this makes SEO future more promising than ever. Today, the SEO and the White Hat SEO community is happy to observe keywords stuffing drift away. It is delighted to welcome a change that makes unique content addressing user query its primary focus. It alone helps to grasp a better share of organic traffic and automatically enhances ranks.

Don’t Miss Out on Voice Search

Voice search is one of the prominent White Hat SEO tactics that you should count on. Voice search options such as Alexa, Siri and Cortana are becoming increasingly popular. Recent statistics prove that more than 55% of teens and about 40% of elders hugely use voice search.

Today, you can ask Google simple questions, such as where is the nearest wine shop, are there any theatres close to your location, or how to make a meal. Soon, there could be virtual assistants responsible for making restaurant reservations and booking flight tickets online. Do you want to optimize the voice search, with white hat SEO tactics? If yes here’s what you must do:

  • Go ahead and claim the My Business Listings option in Google
  • Accurately prioritize long-tail keywords use and maximize the natural language queries which appeal to semantic searches
  • Use tools for social media listings optimally to get brand, product and company mentions. Few helpful tools for the same include the following:
  • Mention
  • Hootsuite
  • Social Mention
  • Talk Walker


Use these tools to your advantage for all your social mentions.

The changing phase of SEO is bringing positive results and growing expectations. White Hat SEO is here to stay, as it is the only medium through which brands, successful and small business companies can develop their presence.

It is an entirely win-win situation. Also, you can confidently estimate that in 2018, there’s a higher shift towards the mobile first change. Additionally, many users are willing to use voice search than ever. People are ready to use artificial intelligence more than ever. And as they use and come up with feedbacks, you can better the same using White Hat SEO tactics. The highest website growth is said to be made possible by giving priority to rich content. Also, the attempt to keep coming with better content will encourage marketers to continue polishing their online marketing and SEO initiatives. So, as you create your 2018 White Hat SEO plan, follow these above-discussed trends handy.