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Every online business owner or start-up entrepreneur is aware of guest posting or guest blogging. As an SEO strategy, guest posting helps to promote online businesses and gain increased visibility. That’s why bloggers and business owners follow all the necessary guidelines available to curate a guest post. However, most people don’t realize this – other than creating your guest post, getting it published is equally essential. When you work towards getting your online content published on several websites, you get better exposure. Referral web traffic is one of the significant gains. The most challenging part is being able to convince the editors to publish your guest post.

Editors get flooded with countless guest posts and pitches on a weekly and monthly basis. Therefore, your post has to be extraordinary for the editor to take note and publish the same. As you prepare your write up, research on varied topics like how to do find guest posts and similar, and come up with a strategy for getting published. Here are five useful and straightforward steps that you should take if you want to get noticed by the editors. These guidelines will make you stand out from the generic entries and get you a step closer to publishing your guest post.

Always Use the Name to Address Editors

Making use of a “Dear Editor” as a salutation is an old school practice. Though it looks respectful, it lacks a personal touch, and it doesn’t create a strong impression. You should do your research and try to find the name of the editor who has the final say on guest post pitches. Here are a couple of ways to get it done:

  • Check the Staff section or About page on the website. You can send all your guest post pitches to the executive or managing editor or any other person who you need to send your post for publishing.
  • Check sites like LinkedIn for the content/managing/executive editor of the website where you want your guest post to get published. Make sure that the person’s social media profiles are active and that he/she is presently the editor of the website.
  • Place a query. It means you can go ahead and ask the publication in Facebook or Twitter to whom you must send the guest post pitch too. Research reveals that people prefer when you use their names to address them. So, when you already make an apt name salutation, you are a step ahead in your journey of getting the guest post published.

Take a Look at the Published Content

Do you want to find out what the particular blog or publication and its editor are searching for in the guest post? If yes, take a look at the online content already published on the site or blog. It will give you an idea about the topics that usually get covered. You can take notes on the following aspect related to your guest post:

  • The word count of the guest post
  • The kind of photos and pictures accepted
  • The flow of the narrative
  • The tone of the article

All these aspects will be mentioned in the editorial guidelines. Once you have a look at the published posts, you can choose a topic that wasn’t already published and create a guest post accordingly. Every editor is on the lookout for exciting and new perspectives in write-ups.

No one wants to publish posts on the same topics repeatedly, as it can become boring to the online audience. So, do quality research on a relevant topic and present your pitch note. Today, there are other tools that you can use when you are deciding on a theme. Tools such as are useful in generating ideas on various topics.

Make Sure You Follow All Published Guidelines

Seasoned bloggers and content writers often use the term “spray and pray” writing approach. The process is all about sending their guest post with pitches to several blogs and online publications in one day. The idea is that out of many, at least some blog, website or online publication will decide to publish the guest blog. But in reality, this process isn’t beneficial. The main reason is that the posts don’t get customized as per the style or guidelines of a blog or site.

Hence, it’s crucial that you play by the rules. Search for the blogs and site you want to send your guest post. And read the publishing guidelines. It’s a smart call to follow these guidelines well. As the set of instructions are clues to what the editor is looking for in a guest post. The more you work towards adhering to it, the more you are closer to getting your guest post published.  When you don’t follow the guidelines at all, your guest post runs into the risk of getting rejected. And that is something you don’t want to experience.


Always Ask for a Recommendation

Do you know to whom you should pitch your guest post to? Are you finding it difficult to understand the submission process? If yes, you should check if you know someone who can introduce you to the editor or the publishing team. Go through your contact list in your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts. Getting someone to recommend you to the editor will increase your chances of having your guest post published.

When you finally find someone with whom you’re comfortable with asking for a referral, you should email or call them and explain the reason for contacting them. Let the person know why you want to publish a guest post, and why you decided to choose a particular website. You can even ask for their content generation advice. Incorporate all or any insightful ideas and perspectives that you can get in your guest post and pitch it for publishing.

Curate Excellent Quality Content

Last but not least, this is the most crucial aspect of getting your guest post published! Your content reflects your thoughts, perspectives, research and is a part of your brand reputation. So, it makes sense to direct all your efforts and creative thinking in developing high-quality content. From the editor to the online readers, a quality, rich and informative content is what will impress people. There are blog and website editors who want to get into a long-term relationship with writers and companies, for guest posts. But to seal this deal, you need to get your basics right, i.e., offer them good-quality, useful and relevant content.

The topic you choose and the research you do will decide the quality of your guest post. Additionally, there are a couple of other things too that you can do to ensure that your write up is of good quality, such as:

  • Keep the language conversational and straightforward
  • Even if you write a detailed guest post stick to a word count
  • Keep a sequential flow in your write
  • Make sure is free of grammar, syntax errors
  • Ensure that it’s plagiarism free

Every blogger, writer and a website owner wants their guest post to get published at any desired site or blog! When you make guest post publishing as your objective, you can follow these simple guidelines discussed above to get your guest post published in an organized way.